Staging & Furnishing

Design by Unicorn provides modern staging, interior design, and furniture leasing services for Bay Area property owners and managers of multi-dwelling apartments. We implement 3D design to optimize and enhance space according to the specific floor plan. Our inventory includes fresh, contemporary designer-quality furniture, art and decor which beautifully showcases your property.

We thrive on a belief that design should address problems and attempt to solve them, in addition to delivering aesthetically. As a team, we want to create interiors that are functional and desirable. We work with real estate companies, development firms, vacation-stay owners, and tenants to cultivate a collaborative relationship with all our partners.

Modern Look

Our urban staging specialty service provides floor-to-ceiling TLC for every room and nook in your property. We implement careful design methods to optimize space according to your specific floor plan.

Our goal is to establish a higher value that can be felt in every space we stage. We keep our inventory stocked entirely of current, designer-style goods that emanate quality. In doing this, we create immersive, quality experiences that turn listings into the desirable lifestyles buyers are looking to find.

Our designers will work with your property to ensure a perfect fit for your unique floor plan. We take into account building character, neighborhood vibe, and target market when creating the perfect look.

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