Structural Engineering

Unicorn Engineering is capable of providing a variety of structural engineering and professional services for both new and existing construction for residential and commercial projects in the Bay Area. Our mission is to provide the highest level of service possible to clients, balancing design with cost, cost with function, and function with goals while always meeting life safety and building codes.

We are experienced, licensed Structural Engineers who are experts in:

  • Wood construction
  • Residential construction
  • Structural design in a high seismic region
  • The built environment
  • City administration in San Francisco and the Bay Area

Additional Services

  • Soft story seismic retrofit
  • Capital improvement projects
  • Commercial tenant improvement
  • Infrastructure improvement projects
  • Accessory dwelling unit projects with structural scope
  • Structural assessment report
  • Seismic evaluation report
  • Probable maximum loss analysis
  • Existing residential alterations and additions
  • New low-rise residential and commercial construction
Architectural Services
  • Multi-dwelling and mixed-use remodel projects
  • Accessible business entrance program

CAD Services
  • As-built services, as-built update services, fire disclosure maps

Expediting Service
  • Department of building inspection expediting services
  • Permit processing

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